Body Massage

Body massage has been practiced for thousands of years, and benefits the client both physiologically and psychologically.

The treatment manipulates the soft tissues of the body, producing heat and stimulating the vascular and nervous system.

Massage manipulation either have a relaxing or stimulating effect and create a feeling of well-being.

Course Content

•Physiological effects of Massage
•Psychological Effects & Benefits
•Effect of Body Massage on the systems of the Body
•Types of Massage Medium
•Preparation of the client
•Preparation of the therapist
•Planning Body Massage
•Massage movements
•Massage Techniques
•Laws and Acts
•Code of ethics

Qualification: Although no other qualification is required for this course, we do require you to have gained Anatomy & physiology qualifications to be able to attend the Body massage course. Please see our Distance learning Anatomy & Physiology Course.

Body Massage Course Full Cost £199 Two days course

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