Spray Tanning

Ambermist Solutions Spray Tanning is one of the most highly requested treatments in today’s beauty industry with huge earning potential. We are committed to providing you with the highest standard of education within the tanning industry.

Course Content

What is spray tanning and how it works

Equipment Needed



    Skin preparation

     Equipment Preparation


    Maintaining Tan

    Cleansing your equipment

    Trouble Shooting

Information for student 

-Students will work on each other in the class. If this is not possible please provide a model that is willing to be sprayed by more than one student

– Students must exfoliate the whole body night before the course, waxing/shave/cream hair remover to be carried out a minimum of 12 hours before the course.

– Disposable underwear will be provided; alternatively students may wear a bikini or black strapless bra. Dark loose fitting clothes will be required after your spray tan application.

– We recommend that student do not wear any jewellery.

– Make up, deodorant and perfume must be removed before application. Do NOT apply moisturiser to the skin on the morning of the course.

– It is not advisable to attend this day if pregnant, spraying is not recommended in the first trimester.

Spray Tanning kit available to purchase at £245.94 Inc. VAT Normal price is £434.64. Following items included.

1 pink hvlp 700w turbine with 150w heater option and 3 speeds, 0.5 nozzle and spare cup and lid.

1 Cube Inflatable Tanning Tent, electric pump, ground sheet, repair kit and designer carry bag.

1 pack sticky feet.

500ml (enough for 10 full body tans) Solution of Choice.

1 Pack 10 Nose Filters.

1 Perfection Spray Tanning and Body Sculpting Brush.

1 pack 20 Ambermist FAQ and Preparation Client Instruction Leaflets.

1 x 200ml Ambermist Mousse.

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Spray tanning Half Day Course Full Cost

Price: £99.00 GBP

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Spray Tanning kit

Price: £245.94 GBP

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