Threading Course

Over 40 years of Experience in threading that has been passed down from generations, here to give you the skill for life from our Ethnicity.

Threading is an ancient eyebrow shaping and hair removal, technique is originated from Asia.  Eyebrow threading is also used for other parts of the face not just eyebrows.  Eyebrow Threading can be used to eliminate a unibrow, and by rising the arch of the brow, will add to shape and give a clear definition to the brow.

Threading has fast become celebrities preferred method for shaping perfect eyebrows.


  • What is threading
  • Health and Safety of Threading
  • What type of thread to use for Threading
  • Equipment and material for threading treatment
  • Consultation and Contra-indications to Threading
  • Service procedure for Threading
  • Threading Techniques
  • After-care advice


CPD -11

Fees £99 with the kit

The course includes

Theory, Theory test and practical on working on each other or models

Tel: 07886 736 754

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