Hair Extensions Professional Clip in

Clip in extensions are temporary extensions that are quick to apply for special occasions. Clip-in is applied in firm base created a client and how they are tailor made to suit clients head.

Clip-on extensions are just for one-day or day-night use, not for more than 24 hours. They’re great for special events, or for special effects, but for longer-term wear. You will be shown how to apply clip in on horizontally braided hair. In this course you will also learn how to make clip in hair extensions.


Course content:

History of Hair Extensions

Types of Hair

Grading in Hair Extensions

Texture of Hair Extensions

Description and Properties of Hair

Hair Conditions and problems

Infection, Infestations and Disorders

Contra-Indications of Hair Extensions


Client care and confidentiality

Appointment time

Client Preparations

Sectioning the hair ready for Extensions

Professional Clip in Technique Step-by-step

Removal of Professional Clip in

Cutting Hair Extensions and Blending


Health & Safety

Data Protection

Treating Minors

Hygiene & Sanitation

Personal Appearance



Personal Safety


FREE Professional Clip in Hair Extensions Kit


CPD -9 Points

Fee £175 with the kit items listed above

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